The World Carp Classic?

A World Carp Classic? Really? Really! This article from New Zealand talks about two guys entering the (serious!) competition.

The World Carp Classic is a tournament that started back in the late nineties and has really caught fire. We heard about it on an Auckland (NZ) site. They're excited because they have not been represented in 19 years. This is an amazing story, and if you check out the Facebook page for the World Cup Classic and check it out you will see how exciting and challenging this sport seems to be. We've talked about them before but should really start paying more attention. If you have any experience catching these beasts, let us know and send us some pictures.

World Carp Classic

A pair of Auckland anglers are spearheading New Zealand's involvement in the world's largest carp fishing competition.Marius Koekemoer and Gareth Edwards will compete in the World Carp Classic in France in September.It is the first time a New Zealand team has entered the event, which has run for 19 years.

Here is the orignal story from The North Shore Times, and here is the link to the Facebook page for the World Cup Classic.

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