The World of Beach Buggies

Beach buggies - real 4-wheelers - are popular on NJ Beaches. They're not likely to appear here anytime soon.

We found a new site we've been reading called TheSandpiper.net. It's a killer site and part of the reason we've noticed it is because it's about the beaches in Southern New Jersey where one of us caught their first striped bass - a 12 and a half pounder that was the best tasting fish of his life.

Swamp Buggy

This story is about the use of beach buggies. Not the little pull carts we think of using to put our stuff in walking to the beach. These are four-wheelers specifically designed to run on soft sand to fishy spots. You'll probably love the story as mucha s we did.

For the whole story about running four-wheelers on sandy beaches, click here.

The Online Fisherman

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