Things (we want) for Christmas

Shouldn't we have a list of what we think are the best gifts we could get for our fishy lives? Here are a few you can mention

About three days before the 25th, we usually find ourselves scrambling to get the best-possible last-minute gifts for all the people we care about. Some of us are actually organized, and start buying gifts for next year as soon as this year's returns are made.Another thing we do at this time of the year is think about what our friends should buy for us!!!! We have a list you know, and quite frankly if I get another tie (I don't wear them) or another ugly Christmas Sweater (they forget it's one I gave them three years ago) I am gonna go nuts, not fishing.

We spend a lot of time looking to see what our fellow anglers and outdoorspeople are checking out (and buying) on Amazon.

Here are a few we think you might accidentally mention to your significant other:


XUBA Outdoor Waterproof Fishing Tackle Boxes

These are actually waterproof, and especially if you're a fly fisherperson, they will go far towards keeping your hooks from rusting. Do NOT forget, though, that waterproof doesn't mean damp proof. Next time you eat some beef jerky, don't throw out those little silicon bags - in a lure and hook box like this they will help a lot. These are also a great way to organize small things like swivels and rings and even a piece of candy.

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Some Things We Want for Christmas

Erduo Fishing Lure 20G

Big lures catch big fish, and these bluegill/panfish lures are catching huge fish. They wiggle like real fish thanks to their multiple hinges, and it's a little amazing they attract fish; but they do. They make the perfect sound, flash the perfect light, and catch the perfect fish. They're not cheap but they're worth the money. Do NOT forget to bend the barbs. You can catch fish on them without tearing the fish's mouth apart, and if you fish catch and realease like many of us do, bend your barbs. It dramatically reduces the post-release mortality.

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 Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag

This is a superb PVC-Free Waterproof Backpack With Zip and Bottle Pocket. You will never know how life-saving a dry bag can be until you have to swim across cold water to reach the shore. Or if you just want to keep those potato chips from turning into a substance that geo-scientists could not identify. Let's face it - it's a digital and electronic world, and a bag like the Tillak can keep you and the important things in your life dry. Well, maybe not you. But definitely the stuff you need to keep dry and alive.

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Tortoise Lures Crankbait Set with Blade Spinner

This is a five-lure collection of a new and very highly-effective spinner bait. Shaped like a small turtle-back, the lure makes a lot of noise and enough of a shine to attract the most lure-sensitive largemouth. We haven't tried them in saltwater but there is no question they would work; they have all the elements a solid lure requires. Try them for the holidays. We're sure you will find time to get one or two of them in the water.

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Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

These are not new but they are among the most effective and proven (and smelly) lures in the world. This is a company that knows how to build lures and get them into the hands of professional anglers; people who tell them what works and what doesn't  We highly recommend having these in the effective largemouth tackle box. And try putting one where a redfish might see it. You might be very surprised.

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Beach Cart

Berkley Collapsible Wheeled Fishing Cart

If you fish on the beach, having a cart like this can truly change your life. Carrying stuff - in a bucket, in your hands, in a box, or anything else just sucks compared to having a completely different experience. Carry rods, drinks, food, tackle, and an iphone (in a waterproof bag of course) and slowly make your way past the bikinis. They're not there for you to look at. You can look at them here, where they don't mind so much.

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