Tiny Woman Swims With Huge Sperm Whales

I'm sure humans came from the sea.

A pod of sperm whales have been captured on film swimming through the deep blue waters near the Caribbean, accompanied by a freediver who looks minuscule compared to their huge bulk.

sperm whale

Sabrina Belloni dived down to 50 feet while holding her breath for more than two minutes to get close to the whales. Belloni spent 10 days following a pod of seven whales, mostly females and their young, off the Caribbean coast.

Despite the whales dwarfing Miss Belloni - with bodies almost as long as a bus - and despite being a tight-knit family, the creatures seemed more than happy to welcome her to their group.

sperm whale 2

Photographer Franco Banfi, who specializes in underwater photography, captured her time beneath the sea.

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Swimming with giants.


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