Tungsten Vs Lead

Do you use lead lures? This ice fishing article talks about their use of tungsten, which we should consider.

This is an article about ice fishing - which is not what most of our readers are doing this month. That said, a lot of our readers - the guys and girls fishing for everything from tasty grouper and snapper to inshore species like snook (YUM!) and redfisn and speckled trout - know about ice fishing.

The article is not so much about tactics and strategies (like not freezing to death!) as it is about lures. Specifically lead lures versus tungsten lures. Considering the fact that a lot of the lures we use are exactly like the small jigs they're fishing with under ice, the weight and costs and other factors are as meaningful for us as they are for our brother and sister anglers north of Santa Claus.

Tungsten vs Lead

Thirty percent heavier than the lead used in traditional ice fishing lures, "tungsten is a really awesome metal for fishing," said Brosdahl. He described tungsten lures as "not so much heavier, but small for their weight," before admitting with a chuckle that those were just two ways of saying the same thing. You get a smaller lure for the same weight, or a heavier lure at the same size.

The whole story is here at The Midland Daily News. This story was written by a freelance writer named Steve Griffin who can be found at his email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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