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Wading? A Thirteen Lb Jack in Ankle-Deep Water

This video from Ft. Pierce shows a young angler catching a thirteen pound Jack Crevalle in what looks like twelve inches or less of water. It's a big fish and just watching it is way better than just talking about wading. Wade fishing is one of our favorite ways to fish and we will get in the water as long as we are able to walk :)

Thanks to "That Grom Guy" on YouTube.

The image we used for the teaser on this video is modified image of a mount from what we think is one of the top taxidermists in the entire fishing world - the professionals at Believe us when we say THEY are worth a few minutes to check out. If you ever catch a trophy and want to release it, these guys can make one to match your smartphone image and leave the fish happy to fight another day. Of course they can work with fresh material as well.

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