Wading in South Carolina

Wading is one of our favorite kinds of fishing. How's it been for you in Florida? South Carolina reports are not great.

From the Carteret County New Times, this story is basically a fishing report, but was interesting to us because it's talking about fishing for tailing redfish. Most of us in Florida figure the species we chase around are ours and ours alone. They're not. The other interesting aspect of the original story is that the author is talking about weather, and how much it's sucked this year. We can share that - we've had almost constant wind all year and a good part of the last quarter of 2016. But our water temperatures have been pretty much standard, while they've been warm there.

If you know South Carolina, have fished there, or have a comment about our own conditions, we would like to hear from you about this story once you've read it.

Wade FIshing

The weather, whether or not you believe it, is one of the main determining factors on whether the fishing will be good or bad. So, the bad news is that the weather has been bad and not good much of 2017.

Water temperatures have been above normal for almost all of the year, both winter and then spring, and we will see about the summer, which just started this past week.

On days when the kite surfers dot the beach landscape, you can almost guarantee that the fishing will either stink, and your ability to actually go fishing is limited. This spring has been windy, the surf and sounds have been dirty and weedy, and the rainfall, whether along the coast or farther inland, has diluted our salt and brackish water.

The whole story - and all fishing reports are good to read for comparison - is here.


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