CCA Having Trouble on Treasure Coast

Why is CCA failing to fully support State Bill 10 to build a capture lake for the runoff of Lake O? Interesting TCPalm story

This article from TCPalm talks about problems that CCA is having with their recreational angling membership. In recent times the group - largely seen as an inshore resource - almost stood for a bill that was going to stop anybody from fishing for fish deeper than 80' on the east coast. There are docks in eighty feet of water there - it's not like our shallow pan leading into deep water on our West Coast.

CCA is somebody we've supported personally and since the inception of this site. There have been times we did not take their side however. Bad political decisions to not make the whole organization or their efforts to (now) protect our resources has taken precedence.

Now or Neverglades

This is all about the group's lack of strong support for Senate Bill 10. The bill spends money to build a resevoir to capture

From the story.

Since its inception in 1977, the nonprofit group has defended legislation banning destructive fishing gear, built artificial reefs, helped restore game fish stocks and battled against overfishing. The bulk of the group's work has been effected in the hallways of state capitols and in Washington, D.C. I can't imagine where stocks of redfish, trout and other popular coastal catches would be without the work of the CCA on the state and federal level.


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