Does Size Matter?

A 12-weight for tarpon or a five weight for bluegills? Is there really a big difference?

Man, what a cool story this turned out to be. It was written by an angler named Mike Jackson for a site called the Daily Herald. It was so good we had to let you read it. Mike talks about how he went from catching a 200lb tarpon (some of our readers know what it's like to catch a tarpon bigger than around 100lbs) to catching the juvenilles. We catch the big ones and the small ones here where we publish this daily, and we can really identify with the story. Really. It tells the tale of running into a local guy who talks about stepping down in fish size - and why his favorite target went from tarpon to bluegill.

Light Fly Rod

Should you be fishing with a 12-weight for 150lb tarpon, or a five weight for bluegill? Is there really that much of a difference?

So, too, might yours after you read this:

Mike Jackson: I've lost track of the number of times I was able to catch a lot of smaller tarpon in the 10- to 15-pound range. These "baby" tarps supplied me with hours of excitement and unreal smiles as well as arms and muscles worn out from casting my 8-weight fly rod.

One morning I was chatting with a young guy who had been watching me pound the water and catch small tarpon in one of those canals. He also brought a fly rod with him but he was focused on catching lots of bluegills and other panfish. He was about 30 feet away from my bank spot. He slowly inched his way over and we began a memorable conversation.

"You like those baby tarpon, I noticed," he said. I confirmed, but also countered that I was simply interested in having lots of fun.

"That's why I chase chunky bluegills with my fly rod," he said.

The whole story is right here on the Daily Herald.

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