Does Technology Result in More Fish?

Does technology "straighten" the learning curve for catching fish? Some say yes and others no. You decide.

Obviously we're tech geeks, and love (?) all things geeky. This article that came from the Capital Gazette offers a very interesting look into technology (like the image we used from ProAngler's software). The author of this article - an experienced Striper angler - asked a few of his equally effective angling friends if they thought that technology could make you a better angler and do it faster; could technology "straighten" the learning curve?

Angling Technology

We say no. But make your own decision. We would love your comments on this one.

From the article:

Last week I was having separate discussions with two friends on the same topic: Are there actually any new and innovative techniques in lure retrieve and presentation, or just modifications to techniques that have been around for a while?

One has been a guide for more than two decades; the others' resume includes everything from writer and photographer to boat builder and guide. One said yes, the other no.

The whole story is here.

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