High Winds Make Fishing Tough

The wind has been incredible for the past six months, keeping most of us off the water. It is happening offshore and inshore.

This report from the Pine Island Eagle pretty much tells the whole story in the first paragraph:

All was going well on the fishing front then Mother Nature stepped in and interfered. Strong winds and cooler weather crippled fishing for the later part of the week. Not all was lost, there was some good weather days and decent fishing, but just when the ball gets rolling and the bite is heating up, we hit a slight setback.


Some wind is just too much, even for crazy anglers. This winter has been brutal.

The whole story is here.

If you are fishing inshore, wind is something you can get around as long as it's not too bad. Fifteen to twenty knots? That's just too bad. It's time to shop onlline for new equipment, clean the stuff you cannot replace, and study our cool Fishy Maps. It will keep you occupied until this wind lays down :)


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