How Barometric Pressure Effects FIshing and Hunting

The air pressure on any given day affects everything from turkey to redfish and deer to tarpon. Read more.

This article came from Louisiana, where we are lucky enough to work with the professionals who guide with the Louisiana Charter Boats Association - and if you're thinking about going on a fishing trip to the Sportsman's Paradise (as they call their state) make sure to get in touch with them.

Barometric Pressure

This is from KTBS ABC Channel 3 in Shrevesport:

When you don't get that 10-point buck or catch as many fish as your buddies, the way you hold your mouth or poor hunting skills may not be the reason - nope.  Here's your new excuse.  It's the barometer's fault.

The barometer in Sportsman's Paradise not only affects the weather but our hunting and fishing too.  Lead forecaster at the National Weather Service in Shreveport, Mario Valverde explains: "Yeah, animals are a lot more sensitive to the changes in their environment than people are.  But you know just like that guy that has that knee that can tell when the weather is changing. That's related to barometric pressure."

Read the whole (very well written) story at the KTBS site.

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