Inshore with an Old Friend

An old friend from Tampa Bay fishing Myrtle Beach is still catching lots of fish most of the time.

When we saw this fishing report we were looking around to see who's catching what where. We do reports on the site, of course, but when we say the name included in this report we had to give it to our readers:

Salos Inshore

Ken Salos has landed flounder, trout, red drum, flounder and even a 12-pound striper – all on artificials. “There have been more and more flounder, more and more keeper flounder,” said Dickson. “We’re still seeing a bunch of trout and some nice reds (red drum).” Salos has been using vudu shrimp and paddle-tail grubs to catch his fish in areas such as the ICW and Tubbs Inlet. Read more here at Myrtle Beach Online.

We know Ken from the days he took excellent pictures and fished like a madman here in Tampa Bay. It was great to see his name.

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