NC Commercials Strongly Oppose New Regulations

Drastic changes to NC regs hits strong opposition from commercials who say it favors recreationals. You decide.

Considering the fact that our Red Snapper season was just set to three DAYS for 2017 and the amberjack season completely closed (both are so thick you could catch them with lures shaped like a banana and with banana scent), this article about commercial fisherfolks saying that recreationals are being favored by a new change to NC fishing regulations was of particular interest.

NC Regs

Give us a break. Please. Give us a break. Regulators do not fish. Can't we just get along? And by we we mean anglers. We will look at science, but live on the water, thank you very much.

The article we're referring to is on JDNews.com and you can read it here.

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