The Real River Monster - Jeremy Wade

The river monsters Jeremy has pursued the last few decades have almost become personal memories for his viewers.

We have been fans of River Monsters on television since the first episode we saw. Although we do not stop what we're doing when it comes on, modern television lets us see the most recent episode whenever we want to watch Jeremy Wade do something we can definitely related to. Although we sure ain't covered the waters (or the species) that Wade has, any of us can understand the excitenement and challenge of what he does. And since he mostly does it in rivers and estuaries, we figured it was perfect for this week's "Insure Fishing" discussion.

From the Sun in the UK

After travelling for his first overseas fishing trip in India aged 26, Jeremy began writing articles for fishing magazines.

Jeremey Wade

These freelance commissions partly funded subsequent exotic angling expeditions to the Mekong, Congo and Amazon rivers.

While globetrotting in search of river monsters may seem like an angler’s dream, Jeremy has not emerged from his travels entirely unscathed

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