A plastic navy takes to the waters

Kayaks are not just for whitewater insanity anymore; more and more they're the boat of choice for American anglers.

You might be part of our kayak angling community - it represents a vast number of you. This article from Arkansas Online talks about the fastest growing segment of our fishing family's obsessions - yaks. It's not a surprise. It has been happening here in Florida and on the Gulf coast (and in the Caribe) for a long time already. Nice to see it's growing all over the nation as well.

Kayaks aren't just for water rodeos anymore.

Until recently, kayaks were exclusively the domain of whitewater paddlers, but they are now the fastest growing segment of the fishing industry.

Plastic navy

This shows the length to which today's kayak anglers will go to catch big fish on little plastic boats.

According to Angling Trade magazine, kayak anglers accounted for 1.8 million outings from an industry total of 39 million in 2015.

The rest of the article is here.

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