First Time Kayak Angler Takes 11 Pound Bucket Mouth Bass

Any great story about a relative newcomer to our sport catching a memorable fish. In this case, a woman and her husband who had bought two yaks had not really fished their lake. The first time Beverly Rogers Brister put a bait in the water - a good one - she caught a bass that a lot of pros cannot match on a good weekend in a tournament.

The story came from Louisiana Sportsman, a source that's right next to us and onviously on our continual radar. The fishery there is similiar but not identical to our Florida fishery if only because of the bayou environment.

Weedless Frog

A weedless frog was Beverly's lure of choice.

Beverly Rogers Brister of Farmerville has a fish story that’s even bigger than the bass she caught on Lake D’Arbonne Tuesday — and that makes it a mighty good one. 

Brister landed a 24-inch, 11.78-pound hawg on a weedless frog — during her maiden voyage in a kayak, while fishing a frog for the first time ever.

She and her husband Dwain purchased the ‘yaks about a year ago, but she had never actually fished from one. But a bad day on Tuesday prompted her to hit the water after slight modifications to the Serenity Prayer:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and . . .  I’m just going fishing.”'

Now in our humble opinions, that's a great way to start any fishing trip. That and leaving the bananas home and fishing where the fish are will probably feed you tonight.

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