Good reasons to fish from a kayak

If you haven't taken up kayak fishing - or at least gone out with an experienced kayak guide - this story gives you a reason.

This story comes out of upstate New York (The Buffalo News) and is about taking up the sport of fishing from a kayak. Here on Florida's Gulf Coast the use of kayaks as fishing vessels has taken on an incredible interest, with many of our readers already experienced in this growing segment of our sport.

If you have not tried it, read this story. It's about cold waters in upstate New York, but the idea is universal - it's good to fish from a "yak":

The recreational outdoor pastime of kayaking has been growing by leaps and bounds. Maybe it should be by paddles and strokes. As this passion grows throughout the country, so does the desire to fish from these self-propelled modes of water transportation. If you are up for a challenge, look no further than kayak fishing right here in Western New York.

Kayak fishing growing in popularity

“There are plenty of reasons to fish out of a kayak,” says Joel Spring of Ransomville. Not only has he been doing it for a long time, he recently completed a book that will become available June 20 and serve as a great teaching tool for novice and veteran paddlers alike – "The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing."

We will watch for the angler's new book about kayak fishing ("The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing") You can read about it here in the story.

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