Great Fishing, Not So Much Catching

There is a reason it's called "Fishing" and not "Catching". But you knew that. Right?

We get a lot of stories, but some are way better than other ones. This falls into the "great story" category. It's about a group of friends going fishing. Not catching, mind you; fishing.

On The Kayak

It's a story about why they call it fishing, not catching. And it will raise a smile if you're human and you've spent any time on the water we all love and protect.

From The Outdoors Section of the San Antonio (!) Texas Express-News.

It would be perfect for kayak fishing — and Krebs knew just the spot.

Krebs, a retired seawater desalination consultant, averages five days of kayak fishing a week and has paddled an estimated 7,000 miles since moving here from Victoria seven years ago and ditching his boat. He suggested the east side of Brown & Root Flats, to the right of Texas Highway 361 near the ferry to Port Aransas, where he consistently had been hauling in keeper redfish.

The whole story is here. It's a very cool news site run very well. But it's Texas after all, and all things Texas are special. Texas is, well, just pure Texas and America need to learn a little bit about being manly (and womanly) from the people that live in the Lone Start State.

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