Heroes on the Water in Oregon

Heroes on the Water is an organization that any angler or paddler or outdoors lover should support. Find out why here.

The first time we ever heard of Heroes on the Water was seven years ago - when this site was first born. Since that time the organization has grown incredibly, and support from people like the angling community is why that growth has been possible. America is never going to be totally without the danger of war and enemies far and near.

Heroes on the Water

The men and women who stand tall protecting the ability to speak freely (?) and worship (or not) as we want go through some serious shit; you helping them go fishing or get on a kayak - the purpose of Heroes on the Water - is something meaningful that is not that difficult to do. You can find the chance to support the organization by clicking here.

We found this story about Heroes on the Water - which is what made us start thinking about them - in The Tillamook (Oregon) Headlight Herald.

The North Oregon Coast chapter of Heroes on the Water has gotten a financial boost from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund.

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Supporting Heroes on the Water can be done by simply clicking the logo and chipping in. Whether you just want to volunteer or are able to support the group financially, every effort helps.

The Garibaldi-based chapter for Heroes on the Water received more than $4,700 as a grant donation for eight kayaks for therapeutic water recreation services for veterans in early May.

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