Kayak Bass Tournament Comes to Kentucky

Major tournaments for Largemouth bass (and others) have come to the world of Kayak Fishing.

This story about a major kayak (bass) tournament about to happen in Tennessee really caught our interest. We've travelled a lot, but Tennessee is very special to us and anything happening there related to fishing, hiking, hunting, or just being outside is worth the time to check out.

Bass on Kayak

From the Paris Post in Paris

A major national fishing championship converges on the Kentucky Lake area this weekend.Kayak anglers from across the nation will be here through Saturday for the biggest showdown in competitive kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing is unique in that fish caught are not brought in for weighing. Obviously, live wells would hardly fit in a kayak.

Instead, the anglers put each fish they catch on a measuring board and take photographs.When they come in, their photos are downloaded for competition.

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