River Trolling for Largemough Bass from a Kayak?

Every consider trolling? From your Kayak? This story will make you think twice about this (offshore?) technique.

"When trolling for bass past the snags in the tree-lined areas, the fish would rush out from the branches and slam our lures but strangely they would not run back to the snags, rather they would fight out in open water."

Kayak Trolling

This is just one quote from what we found to be a very interesting story from Bush and Beach Fishing - a site we are not all that familiar with but which we've just added to our "always check" list of great fishing sites.

This story is about a group of guys fishing for largemouth bass from kayaks. That wouldn't be such a unique story were it not for the technique they're employing: trolling. That's right - trolling. We have some experience trolling from our center consoles in residential canals, and from the sounds of the action the bass displayed for these people the strike and techniques sound very similar.

But if you are a kayak angler, you really gotta read this story.

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