Sharks circle under marine biologist's kayak

This is not shark week - we have no shark week here at TOF - but there have been a few incredible shark videos like this one.

We have had a few different shark videos this week, including one of a shark so big we could not believe it when we first saw it alongside a 21' boat. This is yet another one we found when looking around for a good kayak story or two. It's about a California marine biologist who is searching for great whites when it appears they find him.

Not to worry. He's still alive and didn't even have to walk on the surface of the ocean to avoid being eaten. Good thing, right?

Shark under kayak

On a calm afternoon last week on Monterey Bay, a kayaker with a drone camera looked at his viewing screen and saw the silhouettes of two great white sharks alongside him.

“From my kayak, I looked down into the water and couldn’t see them,” said Giancarlo Thomae. “I realized right then how many times over the years great white sharks may have looked up my kayak without me knowing it.”

From the San Francisco Chronicle.


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