Ten Most Endangered Kayak Rivers in the US

When we saw this story (from Canoe and Kayak) about endangered rivers in the US the first thing that came to mind are the rivers here in the Sunshine State. For a long time - 100 years - the sugar industry simply pours water out of the Lake O whenever it rains too much and pours the green sludge into our rivers.

Bad Rivers

That said, and as disgusting as the issue is and destructive it is to us in Florida, none of our rivers are on this article's list of the ten most endangered rivers (read kayak rivers) in the country. But that doesn't make the eventualy decline of natural flowing water any less terrible.

The list of the most endangered rivers in America.

#1: Lower Colorado River  (Arizona, California, Nevada) Threat: Water scarcity and demand.

#2: Bear River (California) Threat: New Dam

#3: South Fork Skykomish (Washington) Threat: New hydropower project

#4: Mobile Bay Rivers (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi) Threat: Poor water management

#5: Rappahannock River (Virginia) Threat: Fracking

#6: Green-Toutle River (Washington) Threat: New mine

#7: Neuse and Cape Fear Rivers (North Carolina) Threat: Pollution from hog and chicken farms

#8: Middle Fork Flathead River (Montana) Threat: Oil transport by rail

#9: Buffalo National River (Arkansas) Threat: Pollution from massive hog farm

#10: Menominee River (Michigan, Wisconsin) Threat: Open pit sulfide mining

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