Local Anglers Replace Stolen Gear

Two local kids had their stuff stolen - and quickly replcaed. The scumbag who stole it is in footage from Hubbard's.

Two kids fishing near Hubbard's marine (a place we all know and love) were approached by a guy who said he could help them find fish. Every passionate, the two young guys kept moving a little bit further away from their loaded tackle bag when they realized that he was only trying to help himself steal the bag. They're not rich kids, and saved for a long time to load that tackle bag. Fishing is their passion.

Stolen Equipment

From the story and video on Fox13 pretty much tells it all. Local anglers - when hearing about what happened - quickly gave the kids new tackle to replace what was taken.

Boy, we live in a very cool community. For every dirtbag like the one that stole this tackle, there are dozens of good folks that will come to a victim's rescue.



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