1909 Article and the World's Largest Fish Hatchery

An article in a 1909 upstate newspaper talks about development of hatcheries on Lake Erie. They never happened.

This story came from upstate New York and is about efforts - in 1909 - to build what was described as "the world's largest fish hatchery". The plan went far but was stopped. The story is particularly interesting in light of the dangers the Great Lakes are being exposed to by continued development and potential climate changes.

Island Fish Hatchery

In 1909 the Federal Government passed a new law that gave the the Pennsylvania Department of Fisheries 1,200 acres on Presque Isle State Park to establish a huge fish hatchery by connecting seven landlocked ponds into a system of waterways. The work was nearly completed when a group of wealthy citizens went to court to put a stop to its completion.

The whole story is here at the TimesOnline.

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