Artificial Lures for Catching Mangrove Snapper

A schooling fish, Mangrove snapper can be caught quite effectively on artificial lures, especially when in a frenzy. Assuming if you are a diehard artificial fisherman, and not chumming using natural baits, finding the school will be half the battle when targeting snapper using artificial lures. Most inshore structures with deep water, such as channel edges, deeper mangrove trees, and deep basins will hold schools of Mangrove snapper.

Mangrove snapper.

Lures for Catching Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove snapper eat a diet composed of mainly fish and shrimp, with a little bit of crab thrown in there. The most effective lures are certainly the fish and shrimp imitations, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material.

Artificial Fish for Mangrove Snapper

As Mangrove snapper grow, their diet shifts from one dominated by shrimp to one dominated by fish. In other words, using fish will generally catch the larger fish when it comes to Mangrove snapper, especially in a mixed school where some are keepers, and some are not. Artificial fish baits come in all shapes and sizes, soft or hard, and imitate just about every species of bait out there. When using these artificial fish, matching the bait of the local area will get the most attention, so always have a wide assortment of “species” of lures in your tackle box.

Shrimp bait for catching mangrove snapper. If there is a fish out there in the wild, chances are there is a lure imitating it.

Artificial Shrimp for Mangrove Snapper

Shrimp – a favorite of Mangrove snapper – is notorious for being snatched by smaller, less desirable fish before your targeted species finds it. Using artificial shrimp allows you to overcome this problem, and get your bait to the fish.

Artificial shrimp can be worked in several different scenarios. When big fish are under the mangroves, the shrimp can flipped into the roots and allowed to sink to the fish. When under the piers and bridges, the shrimp can be cast near the pilings, and bounced along the bottom, stirring up sediments for attention.

Spoons for Mangrove Snapper

Spoons mimic small shiny baitfish such as mullet, sardines, shads and others. Spoons are a good choice for Mangrove snapper along seawalls, channel edges, and other structures where snags will not be as much of an issue. When using a spoon for Mangrove snapper, matching the local bait will get most attention. If the mullet are thick, use a silver spoon. If pinfish is what they’re after, use a spoon with some blue color on it.

Spoon lures. Shiny spoons such as the one shown above, mimic small shiny baitfish such as mullet and sardines – two favorites of Mangrove snapper.

A General Statement about Mangrove Snapper Lures

When targeting Mangrove snapper, you want to remember to find the school. Casting in the wide-open flats will rarely result in a snapper (although it may result in a nice trout!). Bounce weighted shrimp-jigs off the bottom to stir sediments around mangroves and deep structures, and swim the weighted fish lures either straight or with a jigging pattern.

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