Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Spring

Springtime is one of the best seasons to catch Mangrove snapper. For one, warming waters make the fish more active. As the waters warm, the fish will become more and more active throughout the spring, but still not active enough for artificial lures to be as effective as they are in the summer and early fall. The second reason is that the fish are preparing for the summer spawn, and have a voracious appetite. In the spring, Mangrove snapper will be in their usual hangout locations – bridges, piers, docks, mangroves, and deep holes. As in the other seasons, Mangrove snapper will almost always be found under the bridges and piers, feeding during changing tides. Sink your bait directly under the walkway and allow it to drift to the side farther down current.

Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Actual Mangroves

In the spring, the warming waters allow the snappers to come out of their deep winter hiding and reside on the mangroves along the estuarine shorelines. Pitch a sardine or shrimp, using as minimal a weight as possible under the mangrove trees and wait for the strike.

Mangrove snapper caught during the spring.

Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Channel Edges

Fishing the channel edges and other deep holes in the estuaries is a great spot to fish in the spring. Since it takes a while for the water temperatures to warm, many of the fish will still be utilizing the deeper, more temperature-stable water in the channels for temperature regulation. Artificial jigs and soft baits -- especially when tipped with shrimp -- are very effective in these drop-off areas.

An Overview of Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Springtime

These fish are more active in the warming waters and are feeding heavily in preparation for their summer spawning. The fish will be widespread throughout their habitat range in the spring, and can be found around the bridges, piers, docks, deep pockets, and as always near-shore and offshore reefs.

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