Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Summer

Summertime is the Mangrove snapper’s spawning season. What this means for you is that they will be fattening up in preparation, and aggregating in large numbers. Mangrove snapper in most areas spawn on the near-shore and offshore reefs. In some areas, where deep, high-salinity water is available (inlets that have big shipping channels for example), the fish will spawn in these areas as well.

Mangrove snapper caught during the summer.

Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Summer on the Reefs

Summertime fishing on the reefs and offshore artificial structures (reefs, ship-wrecks, etc.), is where you will find the largest, spawning snappers. Use live or frozen sardines for the most action. Silver finger-mullet come in at a close second when fishing the reefs. In areas where deep shipping channels or dredge-holes exist, large fish can be found in these areas in the summer as well. Sardines, mullet or shrimp work well in the deep holes, as well as artificial jigs.

An Overview of Catching Mangrove Snapper in the Summertime

The fish are spawning in the summer months so look for them on the offshore reefs and wrecks that span our coasts. Using fish as bait is preferred, since large snappers feed mostly on fish, and simply cannot resist a free sardine.

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