Pre-Clovis Site Uncovered in Florida

Evidence of Mastadon hunts in Florida predate the supposed crossing of the Bering straights. What's up with that?

We actually saw this story a while back, and since we count amateur archeologists among our team members, it was of particular interest to us. We have long felt that sites in Florida - Paleo sites - dated far beyond 12,000 years. It was 12,000 years ago that the first North Americans were said to cross a temporary (global climate change?) bridge between Northern Russia and Alaska.

Mastadon Bones

Well, surprise surprise. Divers on a Florida river have found stone tools and mastadon bones that show clear evidence of having been worked with those very tools. What does that mean? The site is more than 14,000 years ago, which means whoever hunted and kileld and ate those tasty beasts were here in Florida before the Bering straight opened up.

The whole well-written story is here on Popular Mechanics. We do not normally look there for interesting fishy stories, but this one is definitely worth the read.


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