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Quality fishing gear can oftentimes make a difference in one's angling experience. I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, but according to my wife, I apparently make it a point to buy the costliest items available when a fishing equipment need arises. To me, you get what you pay for. As great as Onyx outdoor gear is, however, they are far from the most expensive. You can find fishing outerwear that isn't even half as good as Onyx gear for twice the price, so we were very glad to find out about the excellent quality and value that Onyx offers.

I have a book from 1884 called "Fishing Tackle". It's part of a nice collection of antiquarian angling books that I own, but one that still stands out to this day. If you asked the average angler what fishing equipment is important to them, they would list their favorite rod, a reel they have (or wish they had), artificial baits and lures, weights and leaders that their over-filled tackle bags are stuffed with and possibly even their boat or kayak. What they do not usually list is what appears in that old "Fishing Tackle" book as the first thing you need to consider: waders and a rain jacket to go with them. The fact that rainwear was considered first-and-foremost in this well-equipped "Fishing Tackle" book is amazing in itself, but even more amazing is what you learn when you dig further into the author's story and the waters he fished. The book was a wish-list of cool stuff for anglers fishing the rivers and streams of northern Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland. Anglers knew wet and cold as well as they knew their bloody nymphs tied on #18 J-hooks. The author thinks highly of outdoor gear because his outdoors was far from tropical. But even here in Florida where I live, a rainy day can ruin a great bite if I find myself soaked and miserable. Cold and wet here is just as cold and wet as springtime in the bogs (or it sure feels that way). Staying dry and safe are two things well worth first place in your important-stuff list.

Onyx out door fishing gear

Designed for the most demanding wet weather conditions, the Onyx Pro Tech Fishing Jacket is waterproof, breathable and durable – keeping you dry and comfortable. The zippered chest pockets feature water resistant zippers for extra storage. The bellowed, fleece lined, lower pockets will keep your hands warm in colder conditions. Adjustable inner neoprene cuffs, adjustable exterior wrist cuffs, and a 3 piece adjustable roll-up hood with visor keep the water out without restricting movement.

In the competitive world of sports and commercial angling – and to a wider degree the entire outdoors community – good clothing and protective apparel and accessories hold (or should hold) just as much importance to us as the rods, tackle, and bait we have ready for hungry fish.

Judging Great Outdoors Gear

What makes good great? For one thing, when you use Onyx gear, you are dealing with the people that manufacture the apparel. When somebody says that they can deliver "factory pricing", it is a good idea to find somebody that actually owns the factory. Onyx is that kind of company.

Onyx delivers a complete line of EVA, PVC, and Nylon rainwear, inflatable life jackets (PFDs), fishing and hunting life jackets, life jackets for your pets, cold water gloves, as well as paddling life vests. New to the Onyx lineup is hunting apparel and accessories (jackets, bibs, pants, boot insulators, gloves and beanies (with or without ArcticShield technology) and balaclavas featuring X-System (odor control) technology.

Onyx brand was created and is distributed by Absolute Outdoor, Inc. which is located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota (the land of 10,000 lakes).

The ultimate fishing gear

Onyx offers a complete collection of apparel that will last you a lifetime. The company was started by experts in outdoor gear, and the fact that they pay special attention to flotation safety gear designed for anglers is a special note about a special company.

Onyx is dedicated to the angling, hunting and outdoors community. When you spend time in tough conditions on the water or in the woods, staying warm, dry and safe is incredibly important. For anglers in particular, the Onyx line of lightweight and self-inflating flotation gear adds a level of safety to wearable tackle that really succeeds in staying out of the way of your arms and hands. To those of us that throw cast nets in wet or windy conditions while standing on the edge of our gunwales next to a 200' high piling, that barely noticeable floatation device could very well save our lives if something goes wrong. We love these feather light, self- inflating life preservers and suggest you try them.

Outdoor Boating and fishing gear from Onyx.

Onyx is offering readers a fantastic special deal this Spring. 20% OFF any order! Just enter the special TOF code (ONYXSHOP20) at checkout on their website - . If you buy one product from the company, they will become as important a provider as the people that manufacture your favorite lure, or even more, perhaps. One lure might not work on a given day; but staying safe, warm and dry is always important.

High quality outerwear at a great price is what makes Onyx one of the best brands on the market. We at TOF strongly endorse their products and recommend that all of our readers take advantage of the special TOF pricing Onyx is offering. Don't let your next outing be ruined by inclement weather. I don't know about you, but if a front is headed our way and the bite is on, I don't ever want to have to leave the water just because the wind and rain are starting to make my adventure less comfortable.

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