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There was already a shop called "Masters" at this 1810 South Pinellas Avenue location in Tarpon Springs. Marco and his wife recently purchased the store and renamed it Here Fishy Fishy Bait and Tackle, and when I stopped in there a few months back I liked the shop, their really friendly attitude, and the fact that they were new business owners. I can relate; I've owned a few new businesses myself after retiring from a lifetime career in law enforcement. 

The shop's spotless, and like I say, the owners keep the smell fresh and clean, despite bait tanks being kept inside. That can be an excellent feature of a shop, or a nasty feature. Here it's excellent. The tanks were clean, and the bait fresh, and the store smelled nice.

I promised them I would mention the store on our site, and I have to say it was a pleasure going in and doing business. I would suggest all anglers fishing the Tarpon Springs area to stop by and purchase some tackle or live bait before your next fishing trip.

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