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Radio groups can be two old friends or organized teams seeking the same fish. This article from Alaska tells the story.

We love Alaska. If you have never fished there and have more than three weeks to live, you should consider putting it on your bucket list. We watch stories from Alaska - including Commercial stories - for a variety of reasons. The recreational angling ranges from salmon to halibut and the commercial equals that of our sunshine state. Commercial anglers fish the same water for the same fish, and just like the people on the reality TV shows, they all use Radio Groups to keep in touch with each other.

VHF Radio

A radio group may be as simple as two lifelong friends, or it may be a dynamic group of eight to nine boats from which individuals may be removed if they don't share enough information, or, in the worst-case scenario, share their group's information with others.

This story is just an oustanding piece of writing, and tells us not only about the community of radio groups, but as much about the life of a commercial angler. Great read.

From Alaska Dispatch News.

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