10-Foot White Sturgeon Caught by 9-Year-Old Boy

That will make a lot of filets!

We all dream of hooking a fish that is bigger than our boat -- and some of us do. But not when we're nine years old! Well, this youngster caught a 600-pound fish that measured 10 feet long, and reeled it in. He had to travel quite a ways to get it, but said it was worth it. 

A Fish Story for the Ages

Rumours of monster fish that coaxed a New Jersey nine-year-old to B.C. proved more than just a few fish tales.

Chasing that dream to the province's Fraser River led a young Kegan Rothman to reel in a fantasy river monster — a 600-lb Great White Sturgeon from waters near Chilliwack, B.C.

sturgeon 1Kegan Rothman poses with 10-foot Sturgeon. / Photo by family.

On Monday on their first day out, the lad had dropped his line and was soon embroiled in a fierce tug-of-war with his dad Dan and Great Fishing Adventures guide Ben Trainer.

After nearly two hours of thrashing and tugging, the three pulled the massive finned wonder into their boat.

They were awestruck to see the dimensions of a catch that measured 10 ft., 1-in. from nose to it tail tips — and of the ordeal to haul it in.

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Boy reels in monster fish.

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