Recreational Anglers in Australia Denied Rights to Sell Catch...

Aussie rec anglers were denied the rights to sell their catch. An interesting story that presents both sides of a good story.

An idea to allow recreational fishers to sell part of their catch in South Australia has been rejected by industry heads, who say it is not in the spirit of the lifestyle.

University of Tasmania PhD student Emma Lee suggested the scheme would suit SA after studying Spain's fishing and tourism industry.She said it could provide much-needed income for regional towns in any coastal area and would reduce the illegal sales market.

To read the whole story, visit the ABC Australian affiliate here...

Aussie Recreational Fisherman Denied

The image we used for this story came from a Guide's site in Australia - a place that is definitely on our "Need to Fish" list of Bucket List nations. The guide's name is Jono Shales and he is part of a unique team of professional anglers that serve both national anglers as well as the international travelling angler market. He specializes in fly fishing and is one of the real in-demand guides.


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