Catching Redfish in the Spring

Redfish are one of those species we are blessed with having the opportunity to catch all year long. Springtime however, can be one of the most exciting seasons, as the waters are warming up, and the fish are more active than in the wintertime. Since the fish become a bit more active, spring is a highly effective time to work fast spoons, soft baits or flies.

Where the fish are in the Springtime

In the spring, redfish are found in a wide variety of habitats, including the grass flats, backwater channels and on the beaches.

Catching Redfish on the Flats

When most anglers hear the word, “redfish,” they immediately think of the flats -- that expansive grass prairie where these fish are so commonly found. The flats are an excellent place to search for reds in the spring, as these fish will be coming into the more shallow areas as the water temperatures heat up.

Catching Redfish in the Rivers

With the temperatures still quite low in the early spring, redfish can be found well upriver in many estuaries, searching for more temperature-stable waters. Here, they will be feasting on blue crabs, or the many estuarine or even freshwater fish in these areas.

Two massive redfish caught in spring.

Catching Redfish on the Beaches

Redfish can be found on the beaches just about any time of the year. A truly estuary-dependent species, the fish don’t stray far from the inlets and passes to their favorite estuarine feeding grounds except for certain times of the year, namely autumn months, when undergoing spawning.

An Overview of Catching Redfish in the Springtime

Fish for redfish just about anywhere in the spring – you can find them on the flats in the early hours of the day, in the back rivers during the heat of the day, or even on the beaches during tidal changes.

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