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Snook to remain closed-3-Snook

Captains David Rieumont and Mike Cole of Sea Scrap Charters will tell you there's no shortage of snook where they fish... proof: a triple hook-up from one of their charters since the freeze

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has just released the verdict. No snook for the 2012 season. FWC voted to keep the harvest of snook in Gulf of Mexico waters closed for another year.

"If we have a bad winter this year, we will benefit from this caution; if we don't have a bad winter, we will let all these breeding fish come through the slot," said Vice Chairman Kenneth Wright. "We'll really have done something good and we'll have protected some of these fish."

The recreational snook season was closed in Florida on January 16, 2010, after a very cold winter that detrimentally affected the snook population on the East Coast and West Coast of Florida.

Read the whole story on FWC's website.

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