A Flyfishing Museum

We are really into spending time in museums. This one in British Columbia is dedicated to a lifetime collection.

We spend time in museums. Old stuff - for some reason - really is of interest to us. To think that guys in the Roman Army learned to 'dapple' artificial flies on long sticks to catch trout from the (modern) Bosnian mountain people they had defeated in battle. That dappling turned into fly fishing and long rods and millions of afficianados, but only a few actually collect old flyfishing tackle.

Antique Fly Reel

This story is about a new museum in British Columbia that's dedicated to the sport and is built from an long-time collection from a long-rod enthusiast.

The story comes from CBCNews in British Columbia. They operate a beautiful daily news site - and we know what that takes to accomplish. Thanks much to the author.

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