A Snakehead in the Big City

Snakehead in Florida are no big deal. But catching one in New York City? On a flyrod? That's a big deal. From the NYT,

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This story might be one of them. It's from a truly main stream publication, not some local news site where we often find more realistic fishing and community times. This one's from the New York Times and it's about a city kid seeking his flyrod snakehead in the city.

SnakeHead NYC

For reasons left to speculation, the lakes in Flushing Meadows Corona Park hold a small population of snakeheads, and as of late, Morgan Krell has become consumed with a kind of quest: becoming the first person (as far as he knows) to catch a snakehead with a fly rod in New York City. “It’s an unexplored frontier,” he said. “I dream about the fish at night. I see it in the water. Then a tail kick. And then it’s gone.”

From Alex Vadukul at the New York Times.

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