Bag Limits on Velvet Crabs

What in Heaven's name is a Velvet Crab you ask? And are they good eating? The answers are Scottish and Yes. Read on.

This is from the Orcadian, a Scottish daily online news server. The story is about putting catch limits on shellfish being harvested by unlicensed fisherman and women. Under almost all conditions we question catch shares, but catch limits are another thing altogether. We have always (or at least since we became conscious of the world around us) thought limiting catches would protect the fish and crabs and clams we all love and love to eat. No species goes extinct if there are catch or size limits.

Velvet Crab

What is a Velvet Crab? Very tasty from what we hear and harvested in Scottish waters. This story is about limiting personal catches. We fully support sound bag limits wherever they are implimented.

Measures to protect the sustainability of shellfish stocks have come into effect this week, with fishermen without a licence being restricted to a daily limit on a number of shellfish species.The restrictions are: •

  • One lobster
  • 10 nephrops (Norway Lobster or prawns).
  • Five crabs (edible, green, spider and velvet) either of one of the named species or a combination/
  • Five scallops (King, Queen or a combination)

The whole story on the Orcadian is here. It's not a very long story but interesting. Velvet crabs are only one of the species being included in the bag limits.


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