Brexit One - Global Control Frightens Ignored British Anglers

Commercial anglers still recovering from a "Cod War" are now facing the globalists at the EU. What a game show.

We keep Alerts on for stories that are interesting to us, because having fished recreationally all our lives and seeing the impact of "fishery management" of commercial fishing and that regulation's impact on our own space, we saw three articles that all sort-of go together.

This is the first one. It talks about the challange and concerns of commercial anglers in Great Britain. It seems that the move towards leaving the European Union is not working as well as first thought. There is a lot of globalist push-back about leaving the Union, and this really touches the world of commercial fishing:

On the windswept dock wall at Grimsby, the crew of the Sweetwaters fishing boat are tending to a stack of lobster pots that were badly knocked about when the Beast from the East came rampaging across the North Sea.

Brexit 01

But today, as the crew prepares to slip away from the dock and head back out to sea, the boat’s owner Darren Kenyon of Fastline Shellfish is more worried about the Government’s strategy for leaving Europe than the weather.

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