Brexit Two - May Assures Anglers They Will Be OK

May promises the concerned anglers in Scotland that they'll all be OK. We've heard promises about fish access ourselves.

OK. Here is the second article and to read the whole thing on the Times of London site you'll have to answer a few simple questions but they will not bother you. Even the two opening paragraphs are enough to connect the three stories we're running today. British and Scottish and Irish anglers are still going to be under the control of the globalists at the EU. They do not know them, but they will still (likely) be under their control for years to come).

Theresa May has promised Scotland’s fishing communities that she will not cede control over UK waters to Europe after Brexit.

Brexit 02

On a visit to Scotland, the prime minister tried to quell fears that UK fishing rights could be traded away to Brussels in return for concessions in other areas. She said that Britain would become an “independent coastal state” which would decide who could fish in its waters.

The story is linked here. The TImes is a killer site and you will get to read opinions other than those you hear on tv stations here in the states - any of them right or left.


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