Counting All the Fish You Catch

Regulations affecting recreational anglers are getting a lot of attention in the Northeast and are coming to the Gulf soon.

We are always following articles about fishing regulations. Don't get us wrong - regulations are critical and without them there is a fairly solid argument that commercial fisherfolks would pretty much strip all the fish there are to be caught. Commercial fishing is far more regulated than recreational fishing, but despite the fact that we're catching only a tiny tiny portion of the fish being caught we are about to enter the same regulatory landscape that they face - counting every single fish you ever take from the water.

The original article appeared on The Provedance Journal:

“On March 12th, 2018 electronic Vessel Trip Reports (VTRs) will become mandatory for all federally permitted for-hire vessels holding permits for species managed by the Mid Atlantic Fisheries Management Council. These include summer flounder, black sea bass, scup, bluefish, squid, mackerel, butterfish and tilefish,” Bellavance said.


Every fish recreational anglers catch on charter boats or head boats will be individually counted. Good idea?

Presently charter captains are required to file a VTR that reports fish caught and released, fish saved for food, the size of the fish and where the vessel was fishing. The antiquated paper system forces fishermen to file a six part paper carbon from for every fishing trip (in the past they had to file a report even if they did not fish).

The whole story is here.

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