Fisherman Burn Pots and Nets in Protest Over Limited Access

Anglers in Newfoundland have such limited access to their waters they are burning the nets and traps they used.

This story came from Canadian source at CBS news Canada's site. It's about such devestating limitations on access to generational fisheries that anglers are burning their nets and traps in protest.

Newfoundland Protest

Fishing in Newfoundland is as old as any profession. But increasing regulations are increasingly keeping these generational anglers off their historic waters. The fish are fine; the management of said fish is broken.

This globalist approach to fishery management - often through the use of what's called "Precautionary Science" is having its impact on waters all over the world. The people behind the movement to manage fisheries in most cases do not fish themselves. From the story:

Fish harvesters from Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula burned crab and lobster pots Tuesday morning outside the Department of Fisheries and Oceans office in Port au Choix, saying they don't have access to enough fish to make a living.

The whole story is here.

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