Fishing Moblie Alabama

The look and feel of all our Gulf states are very similar. Although there are no snook, almost all Mobile species match ours

This story came to us from The Huntsville Times and jumped (screamed up at) out to us because it was Frank Sargeant's work. He's so seriously good that there isn't a single paragraph of his many years of writing that isn't worth your time. He's not only an outdoors writer, either; his career has generated a lot of incredible expert work.

Mobile 2

This story is remarkable because when you read Frank's well-written discussions of fish, lures, conditions, and people, you realize that Mobile could be Tampa Bay but not as overfished. We're always thinking about new places to fish and this is sure one of them. Good food, good people, and good fish. In the words of our old friend Mel Berman, two out of three ain't bad.

One last thing. The star of this story/show was a Captain by the name of Bobby Abruscato of A-Team Fishing. Take the time to check out some of the pictures on his site. They talk about one spot - one - where they can put clients on 15lb redfish fairly routinely assuming water and wind conditions are right. That's what we call a fishery.

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