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Fishing the Bighorn

The mountain streams and rivers of Montana are featured in this story about flyrods, big fish, and fast cold water.

The Bighorn. Just the name reminds one of cowboys and indians, of the wild wild west, of mountains and cold winters. And if you fish, some of the best flyfishing for trout in the lower forty-eight states. It's that good.

Loren Kerns Montana

Loren Kerns of Montana with one of the trout we're talking about. Not the biggest you can catch for sure, but the pictures speaks for itself.

We wish we could say we've fished every meaningful river in the world. We've fished the rivers in Pennsyvlania, we've fished Alaska for salmon, and we've caught tarpon on flyrods. But this story - and the image of these clean, cold mountain rivers - touches a part of us that ain't been touched yet.

Schreiner explained that those who fly fish on the river and practice catch and release can, "typically on a good day, you can catch 15 to 20 fish and upwards from there on out. But on freestone streams, a good day is five fish.

You can always count on the Bighorn. "I always say that it is one of the top fisheries in the lower 48 states and it consistently produces consistently bigger fish."

From The Billings (Montana) Gazette.

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