Fort Hood and Cold Water Largemouth

Largemouth in Ft. Hood Texas act a lot like Florida bass. They are from the same gene stock.

It's going to be under fifty degrees here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and for us that's pretty cold. We are also able to catch largemouth bass all year, like the people in this article. We might not be as willing to risk the frostbite (just kidding) as they are in Texas, but bass anglers are crazy wherever they are.

This is an article from KDHNews from Fort Hood, Texas. Very cool place, Texas. As far as fishing, they are every bit as addicted as we are here in Florida. They are very much alike in methods and behavior, actually, and the biggest bass they catch are spawned from Florida DNA. This article talks about excellent techniques that will work here in our lakes, too.

On Stillhouse, the lush hydrilla in which bass thrived during the warm season diminishes in both height and coverage, thus sending some portion of the largemouth bass population looking for other forms of cover to relate to.


On both lakes, threadfin shad, the primary forage fish, consistently hold at depths of 40 feet or more over even deeper bottoms.

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