Gulf Breeze Pier's Prior Manager Comes Back to Table

Pier management, ownership, and city councils leave anglers - until now - holding the wire. Photo Susan Feathers

The original operator of the current contract for the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier stepped forward at last Thursday’s county meeting to offer to take over the contract and operation once again.

Susan Weathers

Image from an article on the home page of Susan Weathers - an oustanding outdoor writer, photograher, and thinker. Her site was as cool (cooler actually) then the news site. Sites like Susan's can change your life - literally. Check her out for sure.


Bobby Benaquis said he was the main operator under the current contract when it was first awarded, but when he had conflict with his partners, who are currently managing the pier, he let them buy him out.

“I see now that was a mistake for the fishing pier and the Navarre community,” he said. “I am ready to step back in for the remainder of this year until the contract is done to take over operations, since things worked well when we were in charge.”

The whole story - an important one for the local angling community that has been using an ill-managed pier - is here for you to read on the Gulf Breeze News.


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