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Haddock Removed from Scottish Menus

How many of the fish on menus are endangered? Haddock are coming off of Scottish menus and anglers ain't happy.

From the publisher: This article is from The National - a Scottish newspaper. It is discussing the fact that haddock is about to be removed from the menus in many Scottish restaurants. This is only happening here for Haddock. It is happening all over the world for different species. Farm raised fish are said to be un-sustainable by opponents, but this group of activists wish to stop the harvest of wild species, too. Or at the very least severely limit our intake.

SCOTTISH fishermen have voiced concerns at a downgrading of haddock in a new guide by the Marine Conservation Society which they fear will affect consumer behaviour.


Haddock from three North Sea and West of Scotland fisheries are no longer on the charity’s recommended ‘‘green’’ list of fish to eat, having been downgraded because stock numbers in 2016 were below the recommended level.

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) said fish stocks in the area are well-managed at sustainable levels.

This story from Scotland was only the one we featured for this discussion. Here's another story from The Houston Press that says that ten of the fish we regularly eat in restaurants are endangered. We do not believe it personally because we know that computer modelling is not a valid way to determine fish stocks.


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