Is Fly Tying the Perfect Passtime?

Do you use flyrods? Do you tie your own flies?

This story came from a northern angler, and it doesn't talk about catching snook or tarpon (!) on a flyrod, it does address the beauty and passion of tying your own flies. Whether you take on the passtime in your own life or just watch how other people do it, knowing about the beauty of tying your own lures and actually catching fish with them is worth thinking about. We can all dream, right?

Tying Your Own

From the story:

Luckily, there are lots of things that will profitably use your down time, and get you ready for the spring that always comes eventually. Like learning to tie flies. Fly fishermen won’t always talk about their sport, but some will admit that fly fishing is absolutely lethal for catching fish.

From the Telegraph Forum, where you can find the great story.


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